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OUR COFFEE We have over 45 years of experience satisfying the tastes of consumers

at	the	fi	nest	restaurants,	offi	ces	and	specialty	cafes	throughout	New	England.	As	a	small	
specialized	and	focused	coffee	purveyor,	we	understand	just	like	fi	ne	wines,	not	all	cof-
fees are created equally and not all coffee crops are the same. That is why we identify
and source the best coffees at the best prices available. This insures that our customers
always get the best value. We purchase many of our coffees directly from family farms
to insure quality, consistency and a fair price for the farmer. Good As Gold goes beyond
sourcing the best coffees, we make sure that our customers attain the best tasting ex-
perience by pairing the bean-type or blend with the correct roast and grind to achieve
maximum	fl	avor	for	that	particular	coffee	or	blend.	You	be	the	judge!	


Pourover Brewers                                                       Coffee Pots

Brew a perfect pot of coffee by pour-                                  Keep coffee hot for hours without
ing water into the top of the brewer.                                  the use of heat, when you brew into
This allows you to place this brewer                                   an insulated carafe. Glass pots and
anywhere there is an electrical outlet                                 airports available as well.
without worrying about running a wa-
ter line.

3 Burner Automatic with

Hot Water Spigot

This brewer provides you the conve-
nience of making a pot of coffee at the
press of a button. It also features a hot
water spigot for making teas, soups,
and hot chocolates.

                    Airport Brewers

                              Brewing into thermal containers allows
                              you to transport the airpots to various
                              locations for meetings or events. Also,
                              the coffee will remain hot and fresh
                              for hours without the use of a burner.

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