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Brewing coffee “by the pot” is a time-        100% COLOMBIAN EXCELSO
tested method for brewing coffee in the
office.	 At	 coffee	 break	 time,	 or	 when	  We	 only	 use	 the	 finest	 100%	 Colombian	 Excelso	
you have meetings, a freshly brewed pot       Beans by the temperate mountains of the Andes.
of coffee is always appreciated. It af-       Each bean is masterfully roasted leaving the palate
fords you an excellent cup of coffee for      with	 a	 sweet	 and	 nutty	 flavor.	This	 is	 truly	 one	 of	
a low cost. We offer a variety of freshly     the great coffees of the world; a coffee that gives
roasted and ground pre-measured packs         the	perfect	balance	of	aroma,	body	and	flavor.	(Also	
of Good As Gold Coffee.                       available naturally decaffeinated).

                                              DONUT SHOP BLEND

FLAVORED COFFEE                               Donut	 shop	 blend	 is	 a	 unique	 mix	 of	 100%	Arabica	
CODE    ITEM                     CT           beans	 delivering	 a	 smooth,	 delicious	 flavor.	 This	
                                              blend is very similar to the original blends found in
POTHAZ Hazelnut                       24ct    some of the best donut shops.
POTFRV French Vanilla                 24ct    VIENNA DARK ROAST
POTIC   Irish Cream                   24ct    A dark	roast	using	premium	100%	Arabica	beans.	The	
                                      24ct    roast produces a strong and bold taste, yet it keeps
POTGCR  Chocolate Raspberry           24ct    a	 very	 nice	 smooth	 finish	 without	 the	 burnt	 after	
                                      24ct    taste. We recommend this to anyone who likes a
POTCHC  Chocolate Cupcake             24ct    stronger coffee without the burnt and smokey taste
                                      24ct    of	a	very	dark	roast.	(Also	available	naturally	decaf-
POTCC   Caramel Creme                 24ct    feinated).
POTSND	 			Snickerdoodle	             24ct    BREAKFAST BLEND
POTVMN	 			Vermont	Maple	             24ct    A smooth and mild blend made from the highest
                                      24ct    quality South and Central American beans. This
POTAPPC Apple Cinnamon Strudel*       24ct    blend is light to medium bodied and roasted to a full
                                 *Seasonal    city roast. This is the perfect wake-me-up coffee.
POTBB   Blueberry

POTPUMP Pumpkin Spice*

POTCSB  Cinnamon Sticky Bun

POTEGG Eggnog*


POTCOCN	 				Coconut	

POTGB   Gingerbread*

        Make	Your	Own	Variety	

                                              SUMATRA DARK ROAST

                                              Grown on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Our Su-
                                              matra Mandheling coffee resonates with a relaxed
                                              power.	 Full-bodied,	 bold	 and	 deep	 with	 flavor	 yet	
                                              low in acidity providing it with an elegantly smooth

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