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Goods As Gold Coffee understands that not all businesses are alike or have the same
service	necessities.	That	is	why	we	offer many	programs	that	are	flexible	to	meet	your	
specific	needs.	The	wonderful	aroma	and	flavor	of	freshly	ground	coffee	is	hard	to	beat.	
That is why Good As Gold Coffee offers a grinder program for businesses who qualify and
wish to grind their coffee beans just prior to brewing. It also affords our customers the
ability to craft their own signature blend of coffee and achieve that ultimate brew. The
commercial grinders that we provide are programmed to grind the correct amount of cof-
fee for the coffee brewer that you are using.

MEDIUM                                    SINGLE ORIGIN COFFEES

CODE                            ITEM                                 DESCRIPTION

COLEX	 						100%	Colombian	Excelso	 	 	 	                           rich,	smooth,	balanced,	medium	acidity

DECCOL	 						100%	Colombian	Naturally	Decaffeinated			              rich,	smooth,	balanced,	medium	acidity

TANZPB	  Tanzania	Peaberry	                                          oval	bean,	soft,	sweet,	gentle	acidity

KENYAA	 						Kenya	AA	                                        crisp,	intense,	rich,	acidic,	notes	of	chocolate	&	blackberry

ETHIOPIAN	 						Ethiopian	Yirgacheffe	 	 	 	                        crisp,	honey,	citrus,	aromatic

PANAMAPJ	 						Panama	Boquete	‘Princesa	Janca’	(direct	trade)	 clean,	refined,	citrus,	aromatic,	rich	chocolate	undertones

ELSALVADORCLR			El	Salvador	Cafe	La	Reina	(direct	trade)	            very	aromatic,	lively,	nutty,	good	body

DECMEX	 						Organic	decaffeinated	Mexican	Altura	(organic)	        smooth,	fruity,	balanced

PAPUA	 						Papua	New	Guinea*		 	        	                          balanced,	full	bodied,	bright	shining	acidity

MEXICANMAR				Mexican	Maragogype*	                             large	elephant	bean,	full	bodied,	earthy,	robust	-	limited	run

COLPEABERRY			Colombian	Peaberry*	                         round	bean,	mild,	smooth,	clean,	hint	of	tangerine	-	limited	run

RWANDA	 						Rwanda	Karongi*	                             bright,	rich,	sweet	berry	notes,	hint	of	chocolate	-	limited	run

                                                    VARIETAL BLENDS

CODE                                ITEM                             DESCRIPTION

DONUT	 						Donut	Shop	Blend	 	 	        	                          bright,	citrus,	aromatic,	very	flavorful	and	lively
                                                                                                            tangy,	bright,	lively
KONAB	 						Kona	Blend	
                                                                                           smooth,	sweet,	aromatic,	fruity
BREAKFASTO						Organic	Breakfast	Blend	(organic)	

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